Project Peppertree

Stormwater Pond Restoration

Project Location: Sietsa Key, Florida

Name of Owner: Peppertree Bay Condominiums

Dates of Construction April – June 2010

This project included the dewatering and dredging of two adjacent ponds located within Peppertree Bay Condominiums in Siesta Key, Florida. Once the ponds were drained, Gator Dredging mechanically removed and disposed of up to 18” of accumulated muck and nuisance vegetation from the two ponds to be restored to original dredge conditions.

Pond Dredging and Restoration

The pond banks were then reinforced and stabilized with the installation of woven geotextile cloth and limestone rip rap, to re-slope and prevent future erosion of the banks. The geotextile cloth was placed at a width of 15 feet around the perimeter of the ponds, with a two foot layer of (6” – 12”) limerock quarry stone centered on the average waterline. Gator Dredging regraded bank slopes to approximately 3:1 and installed over 80 tons of limestone rip rap for additional slope anchoring.

Download Project Sheet (pdf) for Peppertree Pond Restoration

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Stormwater Pond Restoration - Before

Stormwater Pond Restoration - After