Stevenson Creek

The Stevenson Creek project includes dredging approximately 105,000 cubic yards of sediment from the Stevenson Creek Estuary. "Reach 1" calls for the removal of 63,000 cubic yards of muck/sand material. This encompasses an area approximately 1700 linear feet long, to a depth limit of -3.5 feet NGVD. "Reach 2" calls for the removal of an additional 42,000 cubic yards of muck/sand material. This portion will be dredged approximately 1900 linear feet, to a depth limit of -2.5 feet NGVD.

Gator Dredging has developed and will be executing a material management plan to process dredged material and transport the separated sediment to designated sites. This process includes placing dewatered muck material in an upland site located approximately 21 miles northeast of the project. The plan also calls for the placing of clean, sandy material, to be reused on location if possible. This material will create 15,488 square yards of mangrove habitat in Stevenson Creek Reaches 1 and 2.

Gator’s engineers plan to develop, maintain, and restore the provided processing site and staging area located near easterly limit of project. The Stevenson Creek project also includes turbidity monitoring and Acute / Chronic Elutriate testing (if polymers are used in dewatering process).