Brevard County - Grand Canal Muck Removal Project

It is the most complicated local dredging project to date in the county's $486 million Indian River Lagoon cleanup plan, officials say.

On June 18, 2019, Gator Dredging based in Clearwater, FL entered into a contract with Brevard County for the “Grand Canal Muck Removal Project”. This 3.5 year, 26.5-million-dollar project is a part of the “Save Our Indian River Lagoon” initiative.

The specific focus of this project will be to improve water quality and the surrounding environment through the removal of approximately 479,000 cubic yards of nutrient laden muck from a 97-acre area of the Grand Canal waterway system on the Banana River.

The Grand Canal system is a tributary to the Indian River Lagoon (IRL). The organic sediment will be hydraulically dredged, dewatered through a specifically designed facility, and disposed of off-site. The dewatered material will be reused for agricultural enhancement.

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