Commercial / Industrial Dredging

Industrial Dredging

Bring back the productivity of your Industrial workspace. Don’t let sediment cause a work slowdown. Gator Dredging can:

  • Increase productivity
  • Restore efficiency
  • Improve capacity

Our dredging equipment can be used for all types of industrial dredging projects for water treatment plants, mining operations and power plants. Gator Dredging does it all—from proposal to disposal.

Government Industiral

Piggyback Contracts

Florida Statute §287.057 allows government agencies to "Piggyback" on annual contracts properly bid and executed by other agencies.

You can take advantage of this agreement for your plant.

  • Get the fixed Contract Price
  • No Expensive Engineering
  • No Bidding
  • No Advertising
  • No Legal Costs

Gator Dredging Flow Chart

Gator Dredging Truck

State / County / Municipal Dredging

Gator Dredging has the capabilities to perform all types of municipal and industrial sediment removal projects. From storm water facility restoration, wastewater basin sediment removal, culvert maintenance, industrial waste settling pond dredging, hazardous waste removal and disposal, Gator Dredging can accommodate the needs of any corporation, city, county, state, or federal project with a complete range of hydraulic and mechanical dredges to:

  • Increase the productivity of your water treatment plant;
  • Restore maximum efficiency to retention ponds; and
  • Improve the capacity of detention fields.

We design dredging and excavation projects around your budget and needs.

Industrial Municiple

Commercial Dredging

Gator Dredging has the capabilities to perform Large Canal, Marina, or Pond/Lake dredging projects. Regardless of the size, we have the equipment and experience to dredge navigable canals, marina areas and pond/lake sediment buildup. Our equipment is fully transportable and can be at your project location in no time at all.

Don’t risk getting surprised when a “non-marine” engineer secures a permit for your dredging project only to find out it’s not feasible. Gator Dredging can complete your Florida dredging project from permitting to disposal. We are the experts in all forms of Marine Contracting and Dredging. Our engineers have experience in all forms of dredging—from single slip hydraulic dredging to large underwater earth moving projects.

Save money and time by using Gator Dredging to engineer, permit, and complete your Florida dredging project.

Commercial Dredging