Community / Residential Dredging Services

Residential Dredging

Maintenance dredging adds greater depth to boat slips and allows for better usage. Many boaters are limited by tides and water depth as to when they can use their boats. Gator Dredging can help. Our environmentally-friendly and labor-efficient dredging methods can increase the value of your Florida waterfront property by deepening your water area with canal dredging, slip dredging and dock dredging for better access.

The engineers at Gator Dredging have developed a dredging and dewatering process that allows for an economically and environmentally friendly dredging project. The process utilizes proprietary technological innovations with conservative marine equipment to provide a speedy process for removal of sediments around docks, lifts, and bridges in canals, ponds, lakes, and rivers.

During the Gator Dredging process, the dredged material is pumped to sealed containers easy placed within an area where truck access is available. The dredged sediments settle in the containers. The clean return water from the process is then piped back to the original dredge area. Every precaution is taken to protect any environmentally sensitive resource, especially manatees.

If your canal, pond, or lake needs dredging, simply call Gator Dredging for a free dredging consultation.

Community / Homeowners Association Services

Gator Dredging has experience working with communities to develop solutions for drainage maintenance challenges. Our engineers can design specific plans and projects to satisfy your community’s needs. Feasibility studies, inspections and volume studies are commonly performed to determine the best solutions for your community, whether it be dredging, maintaining/replacing infrastructure or creating a long term maintenance plan.

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Community Services Gator Dredging provides:

  • Pond/Lake Dredging
  • Bank Stabilization
  • Marina Dredging
  • Storm Drain Restoration
  • Stormwater/Drainage System
  • Inspections and Management Plans
  • Cut/Fill Volume Studies
  • Feasibility Studies

Resources Services

Micro Dredging

Our patent-pending "Micro Dredging" process allows us to provide an economical and effective dredging method. We take sediment directly from the boat slip area to the truck, thereby eliminating double hauling and translating into more time and money for you! By reducing the number of times material has to be handled compared to the traditional process using clamshell-type equipment—loading onto another barge, off-loading into dump trucks—your Florida dredging project should cost less and take less time to complete.

The Gator "Micro-Dredging" process is more versatile, too. Because we use fewer pieces and less cumbersome equipment, we are able to perform hydraulic dredging in areas that would normally be inaccessible or at best challenging. Gator Dredging has perfected the art of moving mud.

We’ll be happy to show you with a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.

Pond/Lake Dredging

Gator Dredging has the capabilities to perform Pond/Lake Dredging no matter the size of the project. Overtime, ponds/lakes become overgrown, sediment can accumulate and the pond becomes ineffective. Gator Dredging offers the solution of pond restoration. Dredging or de-mucking can be performed hydraulically or mechanically depending on the type of project. Each Community and its needs are unique and Gator Dredging takes the time to asses each situation and provides quality results with the maximum benefit.

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Representative Projects:

Shipwatch Stormwater Pond Restorations

Peppertree Pond Restoration

Lake and Pond Dredging can either be done "in the dry" or "in the wet". Dry dredging involves either partially or completely draining the lake to expose the sediments to drying conditions. Conventional earthmoving equipment such as bulldozers, scrapers, backhoes, and draglines are used to remove the sediment. The equipment either works from shore or moves down to the dewatered lakebed. The sediment may be stockpiled on the shore and then hauled away in dump trucks.

Wet dredging does not involve draining the lake down. The dredging machinery is incorporated onto a floating hull. A cutter with steel blades dislodges the sediments, and a centrifugal pump "sucks up" the muck. This sediment/water mix (called a slurry) is piped to a disposal basin or container on land where the water is drained off and the sediments are left to dry.

Bank Stabilization

Another problem which communities face is pond/lake bank erosion. Gator Dredging offers many bank stabilization methods, typically accomplished through the use of hard structures or softer techniques such as rip rap, revegetation, geotextiles or geoweb. Rip Rap or rock revetment can be an aesthetically pleasing benefit and creates habitat for aquatic life.

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Representative Projects:

Feathersound Bank Stabilization

Bank Stabilization