Project Feathersound

Pond Bank Stabilization

Project Location: Clearwater, Florida

Name of Owner: Feather Sound Executive Centers Association

Dates of Construction April - May 2010

Gator Dredging was contacted by Feather Sound Executive Center Association in Clearwater, Florida for a failing pond that had bank erosion. The staff of Gator Dredging was able to meet on site with the president of the association to asses and propose a strategy to restore and stabilize 130 feet of the pond bank in order to protect the slopes from further erosion.

Rip Rap Installation

Necessary equipment and material was provided by Gator Dredging to successfully stabilize the eroding bank.

Specialized mirafied geo synthetic fabric was used to line the bank of the pond in preparation for riprap to be installed.

Crushed concrete was used for the riprap installation which completed the stabilization of the pond banks while creating an aesthetically pleasing setting for the Association.

Project Information

Download Project Sheet (pdf) for Feathersound Bank Stabilization

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Before - Eroding Pond Bank

Before - Eroding Pond Bank 1

Before - Eroding Pond Bank 2

After - Rip Rap Installation

After - Rip Rap Installation 1

After - Rip Rap Installation 2