Project Shipwatch

Pond Restoration

Project Location: Largo, Florida

Name of Owner: Shipwatch Condominiums

Dates of Construction June 2010 – January 2011

SCOPE: Shipwatch Yacht and Tennis Community in Largo, Florida have contracted with Gator Dredging for numerous services including pond restoration, bank stabilization, marina dredge permitting, marina maintenance dredging, storm drain restoration and a five year pond maintenance plan/ feasibility study.

This project included the restoration of three stormwater ponds throughout the Shipwatch community. Approximately 200 cubic yards of sediment was mechanically and hydraulically removed from the three stormwater drainage facilities and disposed of at a permitted upland disposal site.

Shipwatch Pond Restoration

Bank Stabilization

Gator Dredging performed bank stabilization for one of the ponds, within the community, which had a failing bank. This included the installation of approximately 130 linear feet of geotextile liner and rip rap along the eroding portion of the pond bank. The installation of the 6" – 12" rip rap served as reinforcement to the bank slope area.

Shipwatch Bank Stabilization

Stormwater Pons Survey & Feasibility

Gator Dredging performed bathymetric surveys for all fifteen (15) ponds along with sediment thickness measurements. Accumulated sediment volumes were calculated and results and recommendations were prepared based on calculations of current available pond storage capacities versus accumulated sediment volumes. Once the survey was completed, Gator Dredging designed a five (5) year budgetary stormwater collection system maintenance plan for the community.