King’s Bay Pilot Restoration Project

The King’s Bay Restoration Project is a public-private partner-ship that will clean King’s Bay, engage Citrus County students, increase tourism, and restore aquatic habitat for the marine plants and animals that depend on it. This restoration project would not be possible without the many volunteers, community support, local government, and our elected officials.

This project is intended to achieve the following:

  • Increase spring vent flow.
  • Remove algae and legacy nutrients from the bottom using manatee-friendly vacuums.
  • Remove excess nutrients from the water column.
  • Create manatee food and marine habitat by planting a 3.4 acre Eel Grass meadow.
  • Gator Dredging has teamed with Save Crystal River and Sea & Shoreline, to complete this Pilot Restoration Project.

Updates can be found at:


Gator Dredging:

CGC 1512360
Clearwater, FL Phone: 727-527-1300


Sea and Shoreline, LLC
Ruskin, FL
Phone: 863-412-8275

Save Crystal River

Kings Bay Restoration Project

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